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How To Buy Commercial Dishwashers

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Before engaging with, make sure to weigh the specific cleaning needs of your commercial kitchen with available dishwasher offerings.  There are a number of factors to take into account when considering the purchase of a commercial dishwasher for your business: labour requirements, floor space, dishwashing capacity, initial cost and maintenance costs, and effectiveness. These factors are frequently linked together. For example, a high capacity commercial dishwasher will usually be physically larger than a lower capacity dishwasher (and thus will take up more floor space), and will usually cost more (both initially and for maintenance over time) than a lower capacity dishwasher from Many higher-end, high capacity dishwashers are also more efficient in terms of energy and water use, which may be important to you.
As a general strategy, we recommend that you list your priorities prior to contacting suppliers so that they match their offerings to your needs. Labour Requirements – Prewashing/Rinsing

Some commercial dishwashers come with pre-rinser mechanisms that reduce or even eliminate the need for someone to pre-rinse the dish before placing it in the wash. Alternatively, if you want to alleviate the time and labour cost spent on rinsing, look into purchasing a pre-rinse unit. Your employees can use a pre-rinse unit to easily spray away any food residue before placing the dish in the wash.

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Choosing Between High Temperature and Low Temperature Models

Most commercial dishwasher types come in high temperature and low temperature models.  For a complete clean, both models require detergents and various cleaning agents, but high temperature models primarily clean dishes by heating the wash water to an intense enough heat for sanitization to occur, whereas low temperature models require the use of additional chemical agents for complete sanitization.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each.

High Temperature

  • Advantages

Operating cost is generally less than equivalent low temperature machines (fewer wash cycles, less water used per cycle, shorter wash cycles, and larger rack capacity).

High temperature machines are generally more efficient, which gives them a slight edge in particularly busy kitchens.

High temperature machines are somewhat more adept at removing grease, heavy oils, and other very-resistant residues.

  • Disadvantages

Initial cost is significantly more than equivalent low temperature machines, and this initial investment can increase further if a booster heater does not come pre-installed.

Low Temperature:

  • Advantages

Initial cost is significantly less than equivalent high temperature machines.

  • Disadvantages

Chemical agents can be damaging to certain types of dishware and metals (before purchasing a low temperature dishwasher, make sure that your dishware is compatible with the chemical agents that you’ll be using with your dishwasher).

Greater operating costs than equivalent high temperature machines (frequent rewash cycles may be necessary for tough residue and grease, longer wash cycles, lower rack capacity, more water used per cycle, and additional costs for chemical agents).

How To Spot Unclean Glassware

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Visible residue, like fingerprints or lipstick, is not the only form dirt and grime can take on glassware. Fat or grease-based residues like milk or dish soap can all leave a clear film on glass. This film causes the speedy release of carbonation, causing your beer to go flat, and changing the taste. Odors absorbed from stale air, smoke, or drying towels, may also give beer an off-taste. Find out if your glass is really beer clean by looking for carbonation bubbles on the inside of the glass. On a beer clean glass there will be no irregularities or impurities for bubbles to form on. If you see bubbles clinging to the sides of a glass, it’s a sure fire sign that the glass has some residual impurities from soap, food, or something else.

8091915648_0c605e2dc6_oYou can also beer clean “test” your glassware. The three most common techniques are the sheeting test, the salt test, and the lacing test. The sheeting test involves dipping a glass in water. If the glass is clean, the water will evenly coat it.  If there is an invisible film, the water will break up into droplets on the inside surface. For the salt test, sprinkle salt on the inside of a wet glass – it will not adhere to the parts that still contain a greasy film. The lacing test happens after a glass has been filled with beer (so we recommend not wasting your finest pours with this particular test). As a beer is consumed, the foam should adhere to the inside of the glass in uniform, parallel rings forming a lace pattern.  If there is film, there may be a random pattern from the foam or no pattern at all.

An easy way to keep your glasses beer clean without any special processes is to make sure that your beer glassware is used for just that- no milk, soda, or juice.

Beer clean glasses are cleaned in a very specific way with certain techniques and special cleansers. According to the DBQM, there are two acceptable, effective ways to clean your glassware for guaranteed beer clean results: manually washing in a three-tub sink or using a dedicated automatic glass washer from For manual cleaning, it is important to clean sinks and work area prior to cleaning the glassware.  First, clean the glass in hot water with a detergent that is not fat or oil-based.  Make sure not to empty any water from the glass into the cleaning water so cleaning solutions are not diluted.

Second, scrub the entire glass (interior, exterior surfaces, and the bottom of glass) with a cleaning brush to remove film and residue. Using motorized cleaning brushes will allow for a more thorough washing. Then, make sure to rinse in cold water. Finally, sanitize the glass in the third sink filled with hot water and an appropriate sanitizer. If using a glass washing machine, it’s imperative that you dedicate this machine to bar and beer glassware only. Wash glasses with equipment from at a hot temperature (between 130º and 140º) and use the correct detergent, sanitizing, and/or rinsing agents.

Check concentrations daily and regularly service the machine to keep its performance where. Storing your beer glassware after you’ve got it clean is nearly as important as the cleaning itself. Air drying is best as drying towels can leave behind odors or lint. If you do use towels, make sure to use lint-free towels and let them thoroughly dry between uses to prevent mildew growth. Store your beer clean glassware in a stainless-steel wire basket for maximum air circulation.  Glassware should be stored in an area free of odors, smoke, grease, or dust. If storing glasses for frosting, make sure the freezer is clean and odor-free.

Performing Sterilisation By Dry Heat

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With thousands of patients moving through medical establishments every year that die because of a lack of sterilisation, the meticulous cleaning is highly important. Medical sterilisation with solvents from companies like prevents the growth of disease and the spreading of bacteria. It also prevents the spread of said diseases and infection control is imperative for the survival of patients. Sterilising by dry heat is very popular and in this guide we are going to walk you through how that works:steel-1714951_640

  • Learn the process. Dry heat is a process used on oils, petroleum, and powders. Also, any items that are sensitive to moisture use dry heat. Dry heat is used to slowly burn the microorganisms away and is typically done in an oven. There are two types of dry heat, a static-air type and a forced air type.
  • The static air is a much slower process. It takes longer to raise the temperature of the air in the chamber to sterilization levels because it has coils that heat up.
  • Start the process. Similar to autoclaving, you begin the dry heat method by washing your hands and applying non-sterile gloves. Next, wash instruments to remove any debris or matter that might be left behind. This ensures that the items that get put into the ovens are as clean as possible and will not have non-sterile materials left behind on them
  • Load the bags. Just like with autoclaving, the medical tools are placed into bags during the sterilization process. Place the cleaned instruments into sterilization pouches. Seal up each pouch so it is airtight. This is important because wet or damaged packages will not be sterilized during the process. You need to make sure the bags have temperature sensitive tape or an indicator strip. If they don’t, you should add one. The tape helps you ensure the products are sterilized by reaching the temperature necessary for the sterilization
  • Sterilize the tools. Once you have all the tools in pouches, you need to load the pouches into the dry heat oven. Do not overload the oven because the tools will not get sterilized correctly. Once the pouches are loaded, start the cycle. The sterilization process will not start until the chamber is at the right temperature. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines for loading the ovens.
  • After the cycle is complete, remove the instruments. Check the indicator strips to make sure the items were sterilized. Take the tools and store them in the safe, clean, dry place in order to protect them from dust and dirt.

Making the point of sterilising in your medical establishment will make the difference between double surgeries for patients or a rise in the death rate. Sterile equipment saves lives and understanding this is imperative for any company. You can choose to dry heat sterilise or you can use alternative methods but they may not always be as effective.

Getting The Most For The Metal You Use

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Since stainless steel appliances made the transition from restaurants and institutional kitchens to our homes relatively recently, we didn’t have a chance to learn how to clean them. And even if we had, their instructions probably would have included stainless steel polish, which usually contains acids and other chemicals that aren’t very safe for people or the environment. Fortunately, harsh chemicals just aren’t necessary for making stainless steel sparkle. Several cleaning methods, listed below from least to most intensive, use nothing but all-natural household products.

Did you know that if you wanted everything in your kitchen to be stainless steel, it would be absolutely no problem at all? The consumer demand for stainless steel appliances and gadgets wasn’t 3434958644_ebaa5d1bf7_oalways so high. The spike in stainless steel’s popularity is probably due to a combination of factors: it’s hygienic, easy to maintain, and more eco-friendly than plastic. Plus, it’s shiny. With most products being made from stainless steel, it’s no wonder that large companies like use highly intensive solvents to clean their medical and aerospace equipment.

  • The gentlest method of cleaning stainless steel is to simply wipe the surface with hot water and a soft, clean cloth. Then dry the metal thoroughly with another soft cloth to prevent water spots. When using this or any of the other methods, remember that stainless steel has a “grain”—tiny grooves running in one direction across the surface of the metal—and it’s best to clean with the grain rather than scrubbing across it. Some people will tell you that this is to avoid scratching the metal or lodging particles of dirt in the grain where they can cause rust to form. This may very well be true, but scrubbing with the grain also seems easier and more effective.
  • If plain water leaves behind some dirt or grease, try adding a gentle detergent to the water. Use naturally derived, biodegradable dish soap, and found that it removed a little of what water alone had missed, including some grease. If you’re cleaning stainless steel pans or tableware, this is the best method to use. Cooked-on food can usually be removed by soaking the pan in the soapy water and using a sponge with a gentle scrubbing pad.
  • Don’t get impatient and use steel wool; it can scratch stainless steel or leave behind particles that may rust. And again, remember to rinse and hand-dry the stainless steel after cleaning.
  • Grease can be dissolved with rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth. I was impressed with how well this took the grease off my pizza oven. Some of the thicker deposits didn’t respond to a once-over with the cloth, but if you keep rubbing at them with the alcohol, and they will disappear completely within a couple of minutes. As with the other methods, it’s important to rinse off the alcohol and dry the metal to make it shine.

Stainless steel is a steel alloy containing at least 10.5% chromium. When chromium comes into contact with oxygen in the air, it forms chromium oxide, so a thin layer of chromium oxide always sits like a skin over the surface of stainless steel, protecting it from dirt and moisture. This is what makes stainless steel “stainless,” meaning it usually comes clean easily and rarely rusts. It is not, however, impossible for stainless steel to stain or rust. If food or dirt is allowed to sit on stainless steel for a long time, it can hold moisture or acids against the surface of the metal and cause it to corrode or retain some of the colour of the grime. This is why it’s important to clean stainless steel on a regular basis

How To Start Fitness Gym Business

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To start in a business where you want to change people’s lifestyle as well as their body figure is not just like selling items in the store. Fitness gym is risky but if you have the ideal knowledge and smart ways on how to run such business then this would not be a hindrance for your stepping stone. What you just need to look is you have to consider things about how to run this kind of business and become successful in the end. If you are a beginner then you have to learn some important guides on how to start this business perhaps.

Prepare finance

When you want this type of business, then you have to prepare a budget for investment. Think of how much are the cost when you get into this business. You may ask your financial consultant to help you and guide on this matter before you decide to invest in this business.

Find location

After you settle the finances, and you are able to record the expenses, then you have to look for an accessible location where people locate it easily. Make sure that the place is safe and within the public vicinity for emergency cases. Choose a location which is near the people’s community so that it is easy for them to visit at any time they want.

Avail highly standard quality equipment

It is important to purchase equipment from guaranteed supplier to ensure the safety of your clients while using the gears for your gym and choose those products easy to maintain and fix.

Apply for licenses and business permits

Don’t forget the supporting papers where you can guarantee your clients are entering a legal and authorized gym facility.

Prepare life insurance for clients

It is part of this business to keep your client safe and you take full responsibility for possible incident and secure life insurance privilege for clients.

Hire employees wisely

You should hire employees who are well-trained and expert in handling client’s concerns to like what you will find out this website:

You should bear in your mind that engaging in this business would not an easy responsibility, especially as you are handling people’s lives and your facility and equipment will help them on whatever changes may affect their whole body. It is important that you have background ideas about this firm so that you are aware of what to do and you would know the things that you should prioritize first. You should be able to have an idea that can help your business be known to others and be a well-recommended facility among the rest.

Fitness gym helps people who are facing problems in terms of their physical well-being and their weak lifestyle, and this also helps you to become a successful businessman. For this good outcome, you should consider that being in this business you should learn what can make your client’s lives be better and can help them to continue even how tough the situation is. Not all become successful on this but just put into your mind that it is much better to help people and make their life worthwhile.

The Importance of A Good Restaurant Design

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Eating is one of the basic needs of a person. A person eats three or more times in a day. Long ago, meals are prepared in the house kitchen. However, these days, there are so many people who like to dine out especially when there are special occasions or even when there are no reasons to celebrates.

Because of this, restaurants are budding everywhere and this is because “People Eat”.

It is never easy to open a restaurant. There are so many permits to take into close consideration. Moreover, the menu should be highly considered since people do not die to satisfy their hungry stomachs but their hungry eyes as well. This is the main reason why the food should look good and the interior and exterior designs of the restaurant should also look good.

1 (9)With this, restaurant owners consider in hiring a shop fitter just like to make sure that the restaurant looks good inside and out. Now, if you are not yet convinced enough to hire a shop fitting company for your restaurant, here are some of the most important reasons of having good restaurant design.

First Impressions

According to the cliché that “first impressions last” this is not always true for restaurants BUT this could also happen. The first thing that people look into is how the restaurant look. The clients check if the area is clean and they also check on the kind of restaurant. It is important to know that your name and what you served should coincide on what you are offering. So, if you are already judged on the first impression, you should try your best to impress your client.

So, make sure that your exterior designs should be catchy and should always match with what food you are offering. Complicated designs do not always win because most of the time people go for the simple designs.


Placement of Tables and Chairs

Aside from how the restaurant looks like, it is also important that people feel comfortable as they dine. This is the main reason why tables and chairs should be arranged according to the size of the room and also the right spacing. Moreover, as a business owner, you have to think that there will be families, groups of friends, and dinner meetings that will soon take place so you have to be prepared into giving the needs of your clients.


The menu is part of the exterior design. As mentioned, what you offer must coincide with your design. Such as serving Thai dish, and the interior and exterior are similar to Thailand. The waiters and waitresses are wearing Thai costume upon serving. Also, the menu should be readily available especially in pictures since some people are very visual and depend on what they see.

In summary, your restaurant facade and design speak about you as the owner or manager. It is important to get rid of first impressions and it is important to give a client-oriented service at all times;  can be a good help especially when it comes to shop fitting revamps.

Guidelines in Booking for a Ski Adventure

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Booking for a France ski holiday is one thing that you do not want to miss out on. As early as now, it would be best that you start looking for a company that offers great deals on services that are going to tailor fit your needs. If you want to have a wonderful experience of a lifetime having to find the right booking agency will guide you through. Here are the following ways that you can book yourself for a ski and snowboarding adventure.


  1. Search for a website- nowadays, the fastest way for you to search for a booking agency is through searching via the internet. Since there are so many out there that talks about how good their services are, few things that you’ll need to consider and that is to read more about their services and the comments section wherein you will see people sharing their point of view about the company and those who have experienced their services. In this way, you will have an idea as to which you’re going to choose. Weighing your option is important so as not to waste money as you invest for a vacation.
  2. Calling the booking agency- as soon as you have jotted down all that you have chosen, next step is to make sure if the company is legit and not just full of promises. Look at the contact details and if their mobile numbers provided, it is better to call the agency and inquire about booking details, hotel check-in or any package deals that you can avail from the agency.
  3. Visit their actual site- the process of booking involves money transaction and of course, you do not just give out your bank account number to anyone that you have only spoken to the phone or have chatted over at the website. It is best that you go and see the actual area where you can really see and talk to the staff personally. Once you have agreed on the booking details, this is the time that you go to the shop and do your transaction. This is safer than doing online banking.
  4. Hotel and food reservation- one thing that you should prioritize also is to make sure that you have a place to stay and food to dine in such as Food is another part of making memories with your loved Having to eat at a fine cuisine that you have never been and tasting the food that you may have perhaps saw it in magazines or ontelevision, can come true. That is how amazing it is. Inquire the booking agency with regards to what they can offer to you in terms of hotel and restaurant. If they have connections, so much the better.
  5. Itinerary- if it is your first time to go to France for ski and snowboarding, do not forget to ask the booking and travel agency about your itinerary. If this comes in apackage, the better it is for you to avail, because it is more affordable compared to going out on your own.

What you should know when training a staff

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Did you know that there are certain things you need to know when it comes training your staff? It isn’t easy after all because you will be dealing with people you don’t know completely and over the course of time they can change. That is why has thought of certain things that you need to know so that rather than be ignorant of the process of training staff you would know what you are getting yourself into. So that you can now apply this to your training, here are things that you should know when it comes to the training staff.


  • When you are about to start training your staff you need to know that everything will be new to them but they are willing enough to work through it. As the employer, you need to make sure that you are being patient with them because no matter how much confidence they show they still feel nervous. Also, they are still new and it would mean that they wouldn’t know a lot of things yet.
  • The first few days will always be hard for both the employer and employee because tension can happen at any time and there will always be a lot of things that can happen. That is why the most employer would make sure that the employee would feel comfortable first so that their true potential would come out.
  • The staff wouldn’t be much of a talker and they are very reserved when it comes to their attitude towards each other and towards with you. This would mean that it would be a bit hard for them to approach you unless it is something necessary and work related. But as time passes by then they will start talking to you and to each other.
  • The staff can tense up when you are around them since you are the employer and so that they wouldn’t feel such things you should learn to be a bit approachable to them. This way communication wouldn’t be too hard for them and for you as well. Communication is after all important to reach a certain goal in the company.
  • You will be meeting and facing different people with different views. Because of that, you need to make sure that you are prepared both mentally and emotionally. The people might look prepared but deep down they are nervous that is why you need to prepare yourself as well.

Now you know things when it comes to training a staff. It can’t be helped after all that you wouldn’t know what they are feeling and because of that, you will have to be a bit lenient and patient with them. Even would agree to this because being part of a group to work can be intimidating and can result in different things. That is why by knowing this, it can be your chance to change certain things about yourself or how you start your training because it might have worked before but it might not work now and would still agree to this.

The don’ts when cleaning your window

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When it comes to cleaning window you have to understand and know that there are certain don’ts that you have to follow. These don’ts according to is there to remind you of certain procedures when it comes to cleaning your window. Also, this is a way for you to responsibly clean your window because you can’t just think that everything is okay when you do this to your window because the result might not be good. That is why so that you wouldn’t make any mistake in cleaning your windows here are the don’ts when it comes to cleaning your window.


Don’t be too harsh in cleaning

  • When it comes to cleaning your windows, you shouldn’t be too harsh on it or too soft to it. You just have to make sure that you cleaning it just right. Remember that if you exert too much force into cleaning the window then it might break or something might happen to it that is why to prevent such a thing from happening you have to make sure that you just use enough energy and this way you would still have enough energy to clean other windows.

Don’t ignore any signs of stains

  • You should never ignore any signs of stain because if you do or the longer you let a stain stay in a window the harder it is for it to clean. That is why to prevent such a thing from happening you have to make sure that you clean the window properly so that you wouldn’t have to deal with something later in the future like a hard stain to clean.

Don’t just use any cleaning product

  • Never allow yourself to use just any cleaning product because that cleaning product or equipment might not be for windows that are why if you are going to buy a cleaning product you have to make sure that it is for windows. Remember that there are a lot of cleaning products that can be used for other thins and when you do use it for windows it might just give you problems than solutions.

Don’t blindly clean your window

  • Always make sure that you are aware of cleaning the window because if you just blindly clean the window then you might miss in cleaning a certain area or the result of your effort wasn’t good enough. That is why when you are about clean your window you need to make sure that you know what you are doing and you are aware that you are doing it to prevent any problem from arising.

Now you know what are the don’ts when you are going to clean your window and by knowing what are the don’ts you should realize that there are just somethings that you can’t do to a window even if you use cleaning as an excuse. Remember that a damaged window can be pricey and a window can be damaged because of improper cleaning method. That is why so that it wouldn’t happen to you have to make sure that you remember these don’ts for your own benefit.

What to Look for When Choosing an MTF Testing Service

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If you want to be sure that you are using the right optical design, getting it tested properly is always key. You will find that it is easier to introduce necessary adjustments when you are well aware of how good the test results were afterward. You will need to seek out proper MTF testing services for this purpose and you want to be sure that you can refer to the right providers at for this purpose.

If you have never referred to these service providers before and you are not too sure who it is you should refer to, you always have the choice to ask around. Talk to other designer that may have opted for the same services in the past and see if they can recommend some names to you, it is always going to help when you talk to people that have referred to these providers in the past as this usually helps give you some very good input on who you should hire and who you should avoid.


Do your own research. Find out who these providers are and what it is that they are capable of. They should have their own websites where you can check out the kind of services that they are offering and see if they can extend to you some very helpful details about what it is that they are capable of extending to you. This should include detail of the services and what can and cannot be expected if you decide to seek out their assistance.

Do not forget to check their experience. You would want to be dealing with people that have been on the field for a long time as this means that they can actually bring their expertise to the table and will also help them offer you advice and guidance about what this that you may need to adjust as far as the optical design goes. You will feel more confident about the way things are going when you are dealing with providers that have been doing this for a long time since you know that they can extend something reliable and credible to the table.

Consider the equipment that they are using. You have to be sure that they do have the right tools to utilize when carrying out the tests. You cannot expect them to do the task as efficiently as possible when they do not even have the prepare tale of the trade. Make sure to look into the efficiency and accuracy of the tools that they are using too to allow you to get an idea of what to expect as far as these assessments go.

Do not forget to check the different packages that they have to offer as well. Find out about the costs that you will have to cover for the testing service that you require. Compare offers from one provider to the next too. You need to be sure that the numbers you will be charged with are commensurate to the kind of service that you will be extended with by these people. Then you are sure that it is satisfactory and that the costs are not way too pricey as well.

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