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What is CAD?

Posted by on Sep 13, 2017

5937079422_01b9298c08_oIf you have grown up in a school where graphic design was on the curriculum and HTML was taught as part of IT classes, then you’ve grown up with technology developing at a rate faster than plant life. Put simply, CAD is computer aided design and it is a tool used by those in the design and architectural in Hull. Technology is developing to a point now that where drawings and blue prints used to help some of the brightest minds of our time build temples, offices, residential set ups and shops we now have come as far as computer aided design – or CAD.

Drawings and blueprints that were drafted by hand used to take a lot more time, effort and space than computer aided design and computer aided design is far more efficient than waiting for designers to finish with the latest blue prints! Computer aided design software records lines as vectors based on mathematical equations as it uses algorithms or a set of directions that drives the software. Portions of a drawing can be twisted, stretched or move and it can automatically adjust in 2D, 3D and 4D. It’s a nifty little tool that makes the lives of designers far easier and it allows the designer to switch between two dimensional and three dimensional views. It can also zoom in and out for close up and distant views and if a designer is planning a new build, it can structure itself to the measurements expected at a smaller scale. You can use computer aided design to rotate images to view them from different perspectives and change the scale of the images. When one value of the image changes, related values are automatically adjusted. CAD is used in the interior design world especially as bathrooms and kitchens are designed using this tool. Even marine engineers use it alongside 3D laser scanning in Hull to get the best designs.

The only drawback to computer aided design is the lost art that is drawing. It is all well and good being able to draw the exterior structure of a building along with interior measurements and design but it has become fashionable in many architectural circles to declare drawing to be a lost art. Drawing is a powerful means to conceptualising and representing architecture. The computer, with its tremendous ability to organise and present data, is transforming every aspect of how architects work. From sketching their first impressions of idea, to creating complex construction documents for contractors. Our hands are fast becoming obsolete in their uses as we touch and type our way through our days. Architects typically use computer aided design software for building information modelling and buildings are no longer just designed visually they are ‘computed’ via interconnected databases.

The thing is though, architecture cannot just divorce itself from drawing no matter how impressive the technology gets. Drawing are not just end products, they are part of the thought process of architectural design and they express the interaction of our minds, eyes and hands.

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